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Entry Types
Terms and Conditions

I understand that:

  • Classification is a process that requires me to answer a series of questions about my disability and training; complete activities and sport skills; and may require me to be observed during competition.
  • Should I not be able to complete the classification fully due to pain, injury or other reason, my classification may not be able to be completed.
  • Classifiers may require medical documentation to complete my classification.
  • National classification is for the purposes of Australian domestic competition only. International competition requires an International classification and any classification changes supersede any national classification.
  • If the athlete is U18 by accepting the terms and conditions this indicates consent by a parent or guardian.

I Agree:

  • To answer all questions fully, truthfully and to the best of my knowledge.
  • To attempt all activities to the best of my abilities and that failure to give my best effort may be considered cheating. I understand this may result in termination of the classification process.

I am aware that as an outcome to my classification being completed:

  • My classification data will be stored in a confidential database.
  • Relevant information about my classification will be shared with classifiers and relevant APC and National Federation Classification personnel
  • My name, state, date of birth, class and status will be made available on the Athletics Australia website.

I understand that, as an athlete, I have the following rights during classification:

The right to withdraw my participation in the classification process is voluntary and I have the right to withdraw from the classification process at any time. Signing this form does not change my right to withdraw at any time. I understand that if I withdraw from the classification process I will not be able to be classified and will not be able to compete in Paralympic competitions. The right to respect and confidentiality. Evaluations will be conducted respectfully and information obtained during the classification process will be treated confidentially. The right to challenge a classification decision or process. This should be done through the appropriate channels. I allow data collected as a part of the classification process, which may include video and photography for classification purposes & to be used for research and educational purposes by my sport. I understand that I may withdraw this consent at any time.

I acknowledge that completing this form does not mean I am guaranteed a spot in the upcoming classification, I understand that appointments are given out in order of applications recieved and if the classification opportunity is full I will go onto a wait list for the next available classification in my state.